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Environment Friendly Compound Fertilizer Granulators

Environmentally-Friendly Type Compound Fertilizer Granulators


Compound fertilizer granulators, save energy and reduce consumption, realize green emissions and environmental protection.
Now with the country attached great importance to environmental protection policy, mechanical equipment development will toward to the way and direction environmental protection and energy saving.
Compound fertilizer pelleting machine as a very important machine in the production of compound fertilizer equipment, of course, repeatedly gradually realize the real green environmental protection. After many years of study, our factory found that when compound Fertilizer Comminutor realized saving energy and reducing consumption, can well realize the idea of environmental protection.
1. Saving energy and reducing consumption:
Roller extrusion granulation is the material in room temperature for granulation, compared with other methods, do not need fuel, gas etc. dry measures.
2. The raw material composition is flexible:
Extrusion granulation production raw material route is extensive, in addition, the use of extrusion granulation process can be in a very short time to flexibly realize the product formula replacement, a set of device can produce more than 30 kinds of formula products.
3. Lower investment:
Due to leave out the drying process, at the same time return product ratio is low, the process flow is simple, with low investment.
4. No need add additional adhesive:
Domestic common compound fertilizer production method is steam granulation. Water vapor in the material intermolecular condensation, crystal, in the process plays the role of the adhesive. But in the drying process, must make the water of grain internal and surface removing, or chemical fertilizer in the storage process is easy bonding, agglomeration. And dry granulation don't need another additive, need to use material itself intermolecular forces, simplify the process, reduce the energy consumption.
5.Green environmental protection, no "three wastes" emissions:
Extrusion granulation consumption ability is only the power, environmental protection no "three wastes" emissions and adapt to the country about the basic state policy of environmental protection, also accord with the development strategy of the enterprise environmental protection.   




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