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What Is Shisha?

What Is Shisha?


In England and America, one of tobacco leaves is called hookah, but it is named shisha in European countries. In many Arab countries, it is called Nargile. This Arab style tobacco has been becoming more and more popular in many fashionistas.

Arabian shisha with its beautiful appearance, one hundred kinds of taste, eat when the refinements and it is more and more recognized and loved by more people, consumer groups both old man, also have young people, the more there is no lack of a large proportion of the pursuit of fashionable girls.


History and Development of Shisha


Actually, Arabian shisha with thousands of year’s history derived from India. Originally Shisha is made from coconut shell and empty bamboo and is mainly used to suck the old black tobacco. Then gradually spread to the Arab world, be Arab carry forward, and became a royal family and the noble can enjoy luxury in July 1798, napoleon led an army expedition of Egypt, and in the pyramids beat Turkey game, a few weeks later he was British defeat, after that, in in succession Western Europe came to the Middle East.

Some Middle East culture by the European artists and writers became famous orientalist. They are in Turkey, Persian, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and North Africa between travel everywhere, and the Arabian shisha to mainland Europe. Its appearance also appears some innovation (now it is composed by glass bottle and metal), which is much closer to the contemporary aesthetic.

Shisha is not only a smoking set, but also a beautiful artwork because of its incomparable appearance. Now, if you enter into some cool bar or coffee shop, you will see some unique shisha standing in the bar counter. In California and Chicago, there are many shisha fans. Compared with common shisha, many people prefer to fruit shisha because fruit shisha doesn’t contain nicotine and oil tar.

In Berlin times street bar and cafe, fruit combustion shisha's extraordinary fragrance let a guest in the home place to find home feeling; While in Paris, France has been opened greatly small than two hundred shisha shop, free time to shisha gym to take a fruit combustion shisha, has become a Parisian leisure new fashion. After supper, or of work, a one or two hours of fruit combustion shisha time can fully relax nerve, this is the European people ponder the Arab culture is the best way. This was the first Arab immigrants into old things have been in Europe and the United States blossom everywhere.


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