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Rose Fruit Oil Hairdressing Application

Rose fruit oil hairdressing application

With strengthening organization efficacy and tissue regeneration function, to the cell regeneration, the repair and healing has excellent effect, can effectively improve the scar, acne and pimples.

To keep skin moisture efficacy distinguished, produces adjustable organization function, easy penetration the dermis, moisture, make skin smooth.

It can make the skin pigment desalination, reproduction uniform tonal promote skin smooth whitening efficacy, but also can prevent insolation after pigment precipitates, sunburn even for psoriasis, eczema, are effective.

It can keep skin clean, soft, smooth, moist, and tightening, toughness and elastic, the role of grade. Especially for general rough skin more see efficacy.

Firstly, repair function: eliminate the scar and pitting

Rosehip essential oil to the because of acne, surgery, burns, chicken pox, wounds and skin lesions caused by incision scars are effective, the dissolution is black, the contraction pore, eliminate red erythema.

Rose hips oil strong cell regeneration and wound healing function is conducive to health and normal skin growth, alternative scar tissue. It can not only reframing damaged skin structure, but also can improve skin color and elastic.

Secondly, firming except knit function: prevent skin aging

Rose fruit oil can through promoting the activity of epidermal cells to improve skin regeneration and renewal ability.

Thus stop and torsional ageing of the skin produces is the typical symptoms such as wrinkles, canthus wrinkle and relaxation, with the disappearance of the aging, facial skin can become firm and smooth some.

Rose fruit oil can repair and replacement is tear at the skin organization, effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks, shrinkage eliminate stretch marks, make the skin color more moderate. Eliminate black rim of the eye and pouch.

Thirdly, whitening function: reduce pigmentation

It can promote skin proliferation new cell ability, with the new cells to replace aging cells, pigment slow the spots will gradually ease.

Rose fruit oil can reduce due to pregnancy cause pigment, repair, and sunburn, fade spots freckles, and restore white face.


Fourthly, nutrition moisturizing function: to protect wet, dry skin

Forty or fifty years old skin sebum than more than twenty years old to reduce ten times, because the skin grease is secreted decrease and moisturizing function will lead to the disappearance of the drying dehydration and wrinkles.

Rose fruit oil can resume fatty acid and water the best balance between, to protect wet, dry skin.

Fifthly, protect hair raise hair

It can restore the luster of hair and natural flexible, effectively improve be tinctures, dyeing agent, blowing, excessive insolation and other adverse environment content damaged hair texture and appearance.

Sixthly, the skin on the daily care

The skin on the daily nursing effect is great, too. Just uses two to three drops can to skin have extra anti-aging nursing effect.

Gourmet rose fruit oil is one hundred percent natural pure concentrated products, is organic growth rose fruit oil.

High purity, polyunsaturated fatty acids, pollution-free rose fruit oil, easy absorption and do not leave remnants oil pollution.

This rose fruit oil has been used to study, the study to determine its active ingredients of validity and its excellent performance.

Instructions for use:

Every day use it in two periods like morning and evening. First extrusion two to three drops of it to the fingertips and then gently massage in the affected area of skin.

Rose fruit oil is suitable for face and body all parts including eye week. Besides, it does not apply to more oily skin and suffer from acne place skin.

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