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Know-How of Selecting Compound Fertilizer

Know-How of Selecting Compound Fertilizer


A few years ago, rural spread: "one rely on policy second rely on the day, food increase production by ammonium. "With the improvement of food production, soil potassium deficiency has been demonstrated, farmers are now more using ternary compound fertilizer.
Compound fertilizer development in three major trends:
First, varieties specialization, customization.
Different crops have different special fertilizer, fertilizer is based on the growth and development of crops and fertilizer manufacturing. When farmers use fertilizer, to select the appropriate fertilizer on different crops. If no special fertilizer for crops, will be contrary to rule of crop absorb fertilizer, crop increase yield potential is not realized, some nutrients also caused waste.
Second, multi-purpose medicinal benefits.
Pesticide and chemical fertilizer combined together to remove the drug seed dressing program, application once can both ensure the crop nutrient requirements and control of underground pests and seedling damage early, up to multiple effects.
Third, the high concentration long-acting.
With the development of agricultural production, the high concentration of long-acting compound fertilizer is welcomed by the farmers increasingly, this type of fertilizer application to reduce the dosage of fertilization, convenient tillage, replacing the dressing step, reducing labor, and improve utilization rate of fertilizers, save labour and work, save time, improve the quality and efficiency.
How to select compound fertilizer?
1. First, look at the packaging.
Qualified product with double-deck packaging, damp proof. Packaging appearance of three card number, that is, production license number, business certificate number, the product quality conformance registration certificate number, with identifies of three major nutrient elements content such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, as well manufacturer, address, etc. Open the packaging, can see product qualified instructions in the bags.
2. Second, watch the physical properties of compound fertilizer.
High quality compound fertilizer, with uniform granule size, no caking, unbreakable powder.
3. Third, the production facility and technology from formal manufacturer is more advanced, product granules with uniform size, nutrient balance and stable quality, the product is developed by experts for long time, aim at fertilizer requirement to crops and characteristics of soil nutrient status, scientific and rational formulation, strong pertinence, complete nutrients, enough content.
4. Fourth, should select the fertilizer suitting for local application, most locally produced fertilizer is based on the soil nutrient content in the region and its surrounding areas, crop fertilizer requirement regularity and fertilizer effects of compound fertilizer production, high pertinence. Some farmers blindly buy unsuitable for local application of fertilizer, not only affect crop growth, resulting in waste of individual nutrients, but also reduce the capacity.
5. Fifth, avoid using the "double-chlorine" of compound fertilizer for years on end. The "double-chlorine " fertilizer is ammonium chloride, potassium chloride as raw material in the production of fertilizer, with high chloride content. Trace elements of the chloride ions are essential for crop growth, moderate application can promote crop growth, excessive fertilizer caused damage.
If you continue applying "double-chlorine " fertilizer, chlorine amount recommended to remain in the soil, excessive absorption occurs "chlorine damage", and also occurs in soils "salt damage". General compound fertilizer is as base fertilizer.
Kisch methods are application before seedbed preparation, one kind of fertilizer application in one line, second-tier side has a fertilizer deep application of fertilizer application. Current deep application of fertilizer and animal husbandry is a long-acting fertilizer with best effect.
Deep application of lateral location to achieve the fertilizer away from the kind of side-5-7 cm. Deep application implements the fertilizer isolation, avoid burning seed and seedling.
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