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Carbonization Furnace PK Traditional Earth Kiln

Carbonization Furnace PK Traditional Earth Kiln


Nowadays, new type carbonization furnace has becoming more and more popular and it has replaced traditional charcoal earth kiln in some places. However, there are some differences between charcoal briquettes carbonization furnace and traditional charcoal earth kiln. This text analyzes the carbonization stages of these two carbonization equipment and the feasibility that carbonization furnace can completely replace traditional earth kiln.


Four Stages of Traditional Earth Kiln

earth kiln


1.      Drying Stage

In this stage, the temperature is 120-1500C. The pyrolysis rate is very slow. The moisture in the wood evaporates by the heat and the chemical components of wood do not change.

2.      Pre-carbonization Stage

In this stage, the temperature is 150-2750C. Wood pyrolysis reaction is quite obvious, woodiness material chemical composition begin to change, and the volatile composition, such as half fiber decomposition generate carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and a small amount of acetic acid and other material.

3.      Carbonization Stage

This temperature in this stage is 275-4000C. At this stage, the woodiness material sharply on thermal decomposition, generating a large number of decomposition products, the production of liquid product contains a lot of acetic acid and oil tar. Generated gas carbon dioxide in water content reduced gradually, and methane, already thin etc. can all but the gas gradually, this one phase release a lot of heat of reaction, so also known as exothermic reaction stage.

4.      Calcine Stage

The temperature rises to 450-5000C. The stage depends only on the external supply heat to charcoal calcine, discharge remain in charcoal in the volatile material, improve the charcoal fixed carbon content, then generate liquid product has rarely.

5.      Refine Stage

The temperature in this stage is 500-12000C.

charcoal briquettescoconut charcoal briquettes


Can the carbonization furnace completely replace earth kiln?


The original charcoal earth kiln is traditional equipment to produce common tree charcoal. For earth kiln does not have tar separation device and temperature control and other reasons, the fire out of the tree charcoal is rawish and it will have smoke when burning. In addition the combustion time than mechanism charcoal short.


But because earth kiln of raw materials and the production cost are low and have a certain market, so some people cut trees to burn earth kiln regardless of the country's benefits. Especially some people cut down the rare broadleaf oak. It not only destroyed forest resources and destroy the ecological balance, but also broke the national relevant laws.

Therefore, the relevant state departments take measures to close down the above earth kiln and ban the trees charcoal market. It is prohibited to transport and export tree charcoal. Thus, the trees earth kiln will gradually be replaced by carbonization furnace.


The carbonizing process of carbonization furnace has three stages.

1.      Drying Stage

From burning to furnace temperature up to 160 , then mechanism bar contains moisture relies mainly on the plus heat and itself from the burning heat to evaporation. The chemical compositions of mechanism charcoal are almost no change.

2.      Beginning Carbonization Stage

This stage mainly produces heat by briquettes own combustion and make furnace temperature up to 160 ~ 280 . At this time, woodiness material happen thermal decomposition reaction, and its composition have begun to change. The volatile components, such as hemicellulose happen decomposition generation CO2, CO and a small amount of acetic acid and other material.

3.      Comprehensive Carbonization Stage

This stage’s temperature is 300 ~ 650 . In this stage, the woodiness material sharply on thermal decomposition and at the same time generates a large amount of acetic acid, methanol and wood tar, etc. liquid product. In addition, it also produces methane, ethylene, and other combustible gas. The se combustible gases will burn in the furnace. Thermal decomposition and gas combustion produces a large amount of heat to make the furnace temperature rise and woodiness materials are carbonized into charcoal under high temperature.


energy-saving carbonization furnace




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