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The Features of the Raw Materials

The Classification and the Features of the Raw Materials

Chinese tallow tree seed:

Chinese tallow tree also is our country's speciality.

Chinese tallow tree seed processing can get two kinds of oil: the outer layer of the sapium fat (also called skin oil) and kernel of catalpa fat (also known as Chinese tallow tree seed oil).

A mixture of both press get fat called wood oil. Sapium fat seed waxy thirty-five percent to forty-three percent, sapium fat wax containing fat seventy percent to seventy-five percent, including kernel rate twenty-eight percent to thirty-three percent, the kernel oil fifty-eight percent to sixty-two percent the whole seed oil by forty percent to fifty-three percent. Sapium fat and catalpa grease are industrial oil.

Oil palm fruit:

Oil palm also called palm, belongs to the palmae perennial woody oil.

Oil palm fruit including fruit meat (dry basis oil forty-five percent to fifty percent) and palm kernel (dry basis contain forty and eight percent to fifty percent) two parts, known as the king of the world oil, said.

Oil palm nut system oil characteristics is to use two extraction, the first extract skin oil and then again from nucleoli by means of kernel oil. Both after refining are edible.

Palm kernel oil contains more than to eighty percent of the saturated fatty acid, skin oil also contains more than fifty percent of the saturated fatty acid, both belongs to half solid fat.

It is good stability, smoke point high, deposit sex good and high nutritive value (rich in vitamin E, raw meal A and sitosterol and phospholipid, etc.).

Palm kernel is making cocoa butter, margarine high-quality raw materials. Liquid palm oil is a good kind of fried oil.

Chinese prickly ash seed:

Chinese prickly ash seed in the farmers seems to be waste, but the seed of a - linolenic acid content reaches as high as thirty percent.

And a - linolenic acid such as reducing blood fat, soften blood vessels, brain and removing effect and promoting blood circulation.

The United States in the early nineteen ninety-nine, he put a - linolenic acid as a food production must additive, included in the law.

Chinese prickly ash seed contains a lot of zanthoxylum oil element, Chinese prickly ash base and a large number of protein, and contain potassium, manganese and so on the many kinds of trace elements.

Chinese prickly ash seed oil can be used as edible oil or industrial oil, k content high and contains various amino acids.

Often eat zanthoxylum oil make the person has dark hair and not fall off, protect teeth, improve eyesight, prevent skin alligator, the five internal organs, lower cholesterol, have anti-cancer, anti-cancer effect, etc.

Chinese prickly ash seed yield efficiency is higher, after the oil pricklyash seed kernel slag by processing can be made into protein powder or processed into feed additive, prickly ash seed shell can be processed into organic fertilizer. No three wastes pollution.

Corn germ:

Corn germ is corn bud department, where most nutrition. If is the new corn is the most intuitive, can squeeze out the part of.

Seventy percent of the nutrients are in there! First the corn mention embryo, and corn germ oil.

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