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SINO-SHON Whole Charcoal Briquetting Production Line

SINO-SHON Charcoal Briquetting Production Line


1.      FSJ-9 Wood Crushing Machine

Technical Parameters of Wood Crushing Machine

Capacity: 350KG/H

Feed Size: 195*175mm

Crushing Size: 3-6mm

Electric Motor Power: 11KW

Dimension: 1250*800*900 mm

Features: Wood crushing machine uses section and strike double break as the principle. It can crush all kinds of materials not more than 80 mm such as branches, roots, and slab scraps into granular, which creates conditions for mechanism charcoal production. Wood crushing machine is our new product. It has advantages of large crushing scope, product particle uniform and high efficiency, etc. The output can reach 350 kilograms per hour.

wood crushing machine

2.      Air flow drying machine

The dryer is one of the important equipment in mechanism charcoal machinery. Our QHJ - 6 type pneumatic dryer is thermal current pulse type dryer, also called hot air type pipe dryer. This kind of dryer has the advantage of direct heating, drying quickly, folding installation and saving space. Its principle is to let the damp raw material with high temperature air mixed together, finally separate the water from the raw material through the separator.

air-flow drying machine

3.      Wood Briquetting Machine

Briquetting machine is also called forming machine, is indispensable equipment in the charcoal machine production mechanism.

Wood Briquetting Machine makes use of wood dust, saw dust, rice husk, peanut shells, wood shavings, bamboo dust and other wood materials and press them into briquettes at high pressure.


Technical Parameters:

Capacity :> 250KG/Hour

Electric Heating Power: 3*1KW

Electric Motor: 7.5KW

Dimension: Ф45-55

Machine Weight: 850KG

wood briquetting machine

4.      Carbonization Furnace

Spontaneous combustion type carbonization furnace uses dry distillation carbonization principle. The furnace pay rod is used to heat and decompose the oxygen generating combustible gas, tar and char. It USES mobile steel structure, roof of the department of smoke exhaust pipe in turn and tar separator and induced draft fan connection, the structure is unique, effective volume, charring the craft advanced, the cycle is short, the yield is high, the environmental protection sex good, long life and other advantages. Our factory can also be made for the customer carbonized all kinds of high, medium and low temperature charcoal kiln.

Mechanism fiber charcoal uses sawdust, crop straw (large haulm, sorghum stalk, rape stalk, peanut seedling, sunflower stalk), chaff, grass, shrubs branch, bamboo frustum, bamboo chips, bagasse as raw materials, the use of fiber system bar equipment high temperature extrusion and become. The product density is small in volume, flammability, alternative fire wood and coal. General product outside diameter is about 50-80 mm, aperture of 15-20 mm, the hollow four or six Angle form. This product is especially suitable for northern area heating in autumn and winter, canopy temperature or makes ordinary life fuel.

carbonization furnace

5.      Smoke Processing Tower

Smoking processing tower is to process the smoke and dust produced by carbonization furnace in carbonized harmless processing and recycling equipment. The working principle of smoke processing tower is to cool the gas produced by carbonization furnace and make the high temperature gas in the cooling process will wood tar and wood vinegar liquid and gas separation and collection, then filtering through tower will gas liquid separation. It can discharge purification of combustible gas and be used as a dryer fuel or be collected as family heating and cooking fuel. The specific size can be designed according to the needs of users.

smoke processing tower


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