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The Main Function of Rose Fruit Oil

The Main Function of Rose Fruit Oil

Strengthening organization efficacy, produce the loose organization function, easy penetration the dermis, moisturizing, promotes the skin smooth the effect of whitening.
To the cell regeneration, the repair and healing has excellent effect. It can make the skin pigment desalination, reproduction uniform tonal, make the skin smooth.
It can keep skin clean, soft, smooth, moist, and tightening, toughness and elastic, the role of grade. Especially for general rough skin more see efficacy.

Rose fruit oil applicable skin:
Is applicable to any skin, especially suitable for water shortages, mature, aging skin, a dot, and sunburned skin, soften skin, whitening, blank and stretch marks the skin has good curative effect.
Rosehip oil rich texture and special abundant nutritional ingredients and oily skin and is long blain skin use rose fruit oil concentration had better not exceed ten percent.
Rose fruit oil main utility:
Scar: repair facial and surgical scar after blain scar, smooth convex concave hole, tighten pores, the dissolution is black.
Wrinkles: prevent wrinkles, including eye crow 's-feet, gravid grain, body lines, and in the short term will wrinkles and fine lines and dim and eliminate to help the aging, slow down aging appear.
Cloud: prevent spots, freckles and chloasma the formation of dark spots fade to disappear, restore beautiful and white.
Burn: generally burn or scald can reduce pain and wound rapid recovery.
Sunburn: fierce sun too long sunburn, quickly reduce pain and eliminate red.

Dry stone: rough wet and dry skin, dry skin and the detonation fierce stubborn wealth hand smooth moist, prevent moisture loss protection layer, recover the skin the original detailed luster.
Itch: eliminate general skin itch, to dry skin is extremely helpful.
Tire print: general time too long the tire print takes longer time, such as the recent leave scar of the tire and the fat granule can the short term light back.
Hair: moisturizing and repairing hair dry open fork and the damage hair.
Red: all mosquito injury, bite, and the skin sensitive cause skin irritation can rapidly eliminate the pain and snap back to the original as soon as possible.

Skin: every day with two drops of rose fruit oil even if no skin problems can repair skin, more grades.
Rose fruit oil use:
Care maintenance: two times every morning and evening. After facial cleaning water completely dry, use two to three drops of rose fruit oil massage two to three minutes.
The damaged skin: whether the damaged area increase use, with the middle finger for circular massage, light according to fully absorbed.
Oral: once a day, every time a drop of, can add five hundred ml warm water mix well swallow, but also can directly add honey, milk, soy milk or fruit juice and mix well after tempering water fifty ml taking.

Usage and dosage:
Firstly, two to three drops rose fruit oil besmear need skin gently massage several minutes, sooner or later, a.
Secondly, or in the beauty salon use ultrasonic nutrition import (pregnant woman should not be), two to three times a week.
Thirdly, this product also can be used as a mask bottom oil and massage oil.
Rose fruit oil essence advantages:
A. Whitening, and dispel the spot.
B. Dispel eye crow's feet.
C. Dispel stretch marks, obesity grain.
D. Remove red blood silk, black.
E. Eliminate black rim of the eye.
F. Eliminate red.
G. Repair sunburn, daily maintenance.

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