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Technological Process of Charcoal Briquetting Machine

Charcoal Briquetting Machinery mainly includes wood crushing machine, drying machine, briquetting machine and carbonization furnace.

The raw materials for producing charcoal can be saw dust, rice husk, bamboo powder, coconut shell, groundnut shell, wood logs, wood shavings, branches and wood wastes, etc.

The moisture content of charcoal raw materials should be less than 12%.

The producing place for machine-made charcoal should be more than 50 square meters and the height should be more than 4 meters.



The production process should be as follows:

1.      If the size of raw material is above 1cm, it needs to be crushed by wood crushing machine;

2.      After crushing, if the moisture content of material is above 12%, it should be dried by drying machine;

3.      Then the material should be processed at high temperature and high pressure by wood briquetting machine;

4.      Last is to place the wood briquettes into carbonization furnace to the finished products, machine-made charcoal.


The process flow of charcoal machine includes four parts: raw materials preparation, briquetting, carbonizing and smoke and dust processing. There are mainly two kinds of technological processes.

1.      Raw Materials Preparation includes: crushing, screening, drying and transporting.

2.      Briquetting period includes: briquetting, cutting and collecting.

3.      Carbonizing period includes: briquettes transporting and stacking.

4.      Smoke and Dust Processing period includes: cooling, collecting oil tar and smoke and dust purification and recycle.


Two technological processes are as follows:

1.      First briquetting and then carbonizing process:


raw materialscrushing and screeningdryingbriquettingcarnonizingpackaging and storing


2.      First carbonizing and then briquetting process:


raw materialscarbonizingmixing(additives)briquettingcooling and packaging


Currently, the technological production of charcoal at home and abroad all use the above two kinds of technologies. First carbonizing and then briquetting process has simple technology and easy operation.  It is suitable for carbon powder and molding manufacture at home and abroad and some require special standard shape of the charcoal stick (block) production. "First forming and then carbonizing" process production of charcoal with fire, burn resistant, burning pure, market sell well, sales price higher advantages. At present, both at home and abroad machine-made charcoal manufacturers adopt the latter production process.

We can also supply charcoal production line with other auxiliary equipment such as vibrating screen, conveying machine, automatic feeding machine and spiral separator, etc.



Three kinds of Charcoal can be made

1.     High-temperature Charcoal

It is best quality charcoal made by carbonizing at high temperature in furnace. It has hard texture and heavy weight. It can sink into water and sounds like steel if knocked. It has high carbon content, less ash content and volatiles. When burning, it does not have flame. The resistance is 3 times of that of low-temperature and 2 times of that of med-temperature charcoal. It is especially suitable for top grade barbecue and export.

2.     Med-temperature charcoal

It refers to barbecue charcoal and the texture is closer than low-temperature charcoal. The carbon content is higher than low-temperature charcoal. It is mainly used for barbecue, industry, agriculture, warm or hot-pot.

3.     Low-temperature Charcoal

It has fluffy texture, low carbon content, light weight and worse mechanical strength. It is mainly used to warm and catering industry.





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