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The Classification of the Raw Material

Sunflower seed:

Originating in Mexico, according to the use can be divided into edible oil sunflower aoi and two. Common sunflower grain, oil twenty-nine percent to thirty percent, is including shell thirty percent to forty percent, the kernel oil forty percent to sixty-five percent.


Oil sunflower for small black seed, the seed oil rate reaches as high as forty-five percent to fifty-four percent. Including shell rate can be as low as twenty and two percent and kernel contains protein twenty-one percent to thirty-one percent.

Sunflower seed oil is a kind of high quality edible oil, known as the "nutrition oil," said, contains more unsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E, easy be absorbed by human body, including linoleic acid content reaches as high as seventy percent, can reduce human body cholesterol. Sunflower seed oil can be used to produce artificial cream, mayonnaise and salad oil, etc.


Sesame is one of the world's most ancient one of the edible oil, known as the oil queen the laudatory name.

Its characteristic candle oil rate reaches as high as forty-five percent to sixty-three percent, protein content and nineteen percent to thirty-one percent. Sesame oil is a few do not need to extremely refined is one of the edible vegetable oil.

It contains forty-three percent of oleic acid and forty-three percent of linoleic acid, high nutritional value, due to the natural antioxidant sesame phenol role, sesame oil chemical nature is stable.

Our country legal system of water and take ground sesame seed oil rich fragrance, have the characteristic.

It is rice processing by-products, and every processing one hundred kilogram brown rice can give you five to eight kg rice bran. Rice bran oil fourteen percent to twenty-four percent. raw materials

Rice bran oil as grain nutrition oil has the can obviously reduce serum cholesterol content of efficacy.

Due to the rice bran contains active strong solution of lipase, easy to make rice bran rancidity metamorphism, affect the quality of the oil, so use system of rice bran oil sometimes need pretreatment to the passivation solution lipases activity.

It is important to note that rice bran in general contains three point five percent to seven percent of the rice germ, and rice germ itself oil rate is higher, about twenty-five percent to thirty-seven percent, which could be separately for food use or system oil.

Tea seed:

Camellia in southern China is one of the special woody oil. India, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries grow.

Tea seed is with shell, including kernel about fifty percent to seventy-two percent and the whole seed dry base oil thirty percent to forty percent, the kernel oil forty percent to sixty percent, protein eight percent to nine percent.

Tea seed oil belongs to the non-drying oil, including a large number of unsaturated fatty acid, is a good medicine, nutrition cooking oil.


Tung oil tree seed:

Tung oil tree produced in our country, the woody oil plant. Tung oil tree seed contain kernel rate fifty-one percent to seventy-one percent, paulownia seed oil thirty-two percent to forty-one point nine percent, protein twenty point five percent to twenty-seven point seven percent, paulownia kernel oil by fifty percent to sixty-two percent.

Tung oil contains alpha eleostearic acid seventy-seven percent to eighty-six percent, attribute dry sex, toxic and can't be eaten. Tung oil is China's famous specialty, the traditional export products in industry is very wide use.

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