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The Best Topdressing Period of Ten Kinds of Crops

The Best Topdressing Period of Ten Kinds of Crops


1.  Corn
Corn after jointing to big horn mouth stage is the peak of the absorption of nutrients, generally topdressing for the first time at jointing before and after, top dressing of 150 kg ammonium nitrate or 120 kg urea per hectare; tasseling before 7 -10 days, should topdressing the second fertilizer and 225 kg ammonium nitrate or 180 kg urea per hectare topdressing. If the base fertilizer and seed fertilizer are ample and the soil is very fertile, and can concentrate once topdressing, combined with the second shovel trip to deep fertilization.
2. Sorghum
in order to meet the nutrient needs of sorghum from jointing to tasseling, when jointing should be  topdressing fertilizer for the first time, 150-225 kg ammonium nitrate per hectare or 120-180 kg urea; In booting flagging period, with the second fertilizer topdressing and every hectare of topdressing 120 kg ammonium nitrate or 75 kg urea.
3.  Rice
Paddy absorbed nitrogen fertilizer gradually increased after reviving, in the tillering stage to reach the highest peak of the suction fertilizer. In order to promote the the rice early onset trees, early tillering, tillering fertilizer should be applied early and heavy dressing. Generally in 7 - 10 days after transplanting, per hectare topdressing of 225 kg ammonium sulfate, when tasseling topdressing of 100kg urea.
4. Wheat
Wheat should be in trefoil stage top application, in general, per hectare topdressing 195-270 kg ammonium nitrate or 135-180 kg urea. Wheat later stage because nutrients absorption ability of root system from the soil weakened, should top dressing in the earing and florescence, per hectares available 2250g potassium dihydrogen phosphate, triacontanol concentrate 22. 50 ml to 300 kg water made into the mixture to spray; Also can use 3000 grams potassium dihydrogen phosphate per hectare, add urea 15 kg, to the water 450 kilograms to spray.
5. Peanut
Peanut of nutrition critical period is in the birth earlier stage, the peanuts in the emergence of seedlings after 15 days or so, flower buds begin to a large number of differentiation, root nodules begin to form. In the plant appeared two side branches, should be timely topdressing nitrogen fertilizer once, per hectare of topdressing 150kg ammonium nitrate or 120 kg urea.
6. Soybean
Soybean is a crop which needs more nitrogen fertilizer, usually in the soybean initial flowering topdressing nitrogen fertilizer one time, which can reduce the fall petal and fall pod rate, and can prolong the life of the plant, increase grain weight and improve the production capacity. In general, per hectare topdressing 150-225 kg ammonium nitrate or 120-180 kg urea, in the soybean podding stage, with another top dressing, the effect of increasing production is more apparent.
7. Sunflower
Planting sunflower, in addition to apply enough base fertilizers, also need top application. General in the squaring period for top application, per hectare topdressing ammonium nitrate 225 kg or 180 kg urea. Conditional farmers can also top dressing again in the flowering period.
8. Castor
Timely top application to castor, can promote castor precocity and high yield. The first top application can be combined with final singling of seedlings, per hectare topdressing ammonium nitrate 225 kg or 180 kg urea, the second top application before blossomming, phosphate fertilizer is given priority to, can increase yield.
9. Sugarbeet
Sugar beet after final singling, quickly switch to to luxuriant growth stage, but in the birth earlier stage of sugar beet, combined with the second time shovel trip, per hectare topdressing ammonium nitrate 150-225 kg or 120-180 kg urea.
10. Potatoes
Generally, should top application to potato before anthesis, early-maturing variety should top dressing in seedling stage, mid-late maturity varieties topdressing before squaring is good, per hectare topdressing ammonium nitrate 195-225 kg or urea 150 kg.


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