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How to choose the dog food

At present, there are varied of popular dog foods, various brand and full of beautiful things in eyes. Because of all kinds of advertising of different enterprise, it makes the pet’s master at a loss when they faced so many kinds of dog foods. It confused them on what is the best and safe dog food. Here list the content of something that can mislead the master how to choose the dog food good or bad. I hope it is for your reference when the pet’s master choose the dog food.

Also you can use the pet food machine to produce dog food by yourself.

Errors 1. Good-looking color is good dog food

The color of the dog food reflects the dog food’s raw materials’ type and structure. Pet dog belong to the omnivore which fed on meat. Then high quality dog food should embody the meat’s color. The meat will present brown and puce when it went through the high temperature puffing, therefore the more meat constituent’s color will be deeper than the litter meat constituent. Well it presents another situation when the dog food made of chicken, good chicken has shallow color, because it contains the pure chicken breast without chicken bones and chicken viscera some by-product. For this reason, the pet food which made of pure chicken has shallow color.


Besides, nowadays it has the high technology on dog food processing, adding some pigment can imitate the color of meat, so it becomes more difficult to judge the good quality dog food depends on colors. There are many friends who love pets specially have emphasis on the color’s bright and shining, which is the traditional good-looking, this is aesthetic normal phenomenon, it not applies to dog food. The pet dog has a weak vision, even they are color-blind. In dog’s visual world, there is only black and white television imaging. And there is no need to pay more attention on good colors of dog food. The human beings use eyes to know the world, they put the aesthetics on pet dog subjectively, this is an ignorance on animal science and also a mislead on dog food.

It is needful when judging colors good or not for the pet food lover when choosing the dog food. Try to find whether it has the mildew, metamorphism and the white color of the going bad thing. As to the good color or not, it doesn’t matter. Nowadays it is widely believed good food has dark color and shallow color is not good dog food, it is one-sided.

Errors 2 Disunity shape is bad dog food

Many pet loves pay attention on the puffing dog food granular shapes, size rules and uniformity when they choose the pet food. They totally judge it depends on these, and it is wrong. The dog food is manufactured by variety of raw material which went through series of deep processing program, it belongs to industrialization and volume production, puffing is the most important step. Puffing is a variation by moisture rushed out particle instantly, so it is random. Besides, if the really meat constituent is big and going through the high temperature, even thought the same meat quality atrophic, it is very difficult to achieve the one all fours of every particle. For example put the same shape raw meat into the oven, it would not have the same shape and size after grilled, that’s the point.

In theory, corn, starch, soybean and flour some plant shape control ability is better than meat. For this reason to judge, instead the more starch it has the easier the dog food will have accordance and the same shapes. Of course, it is another cup of tea if the particle diameter and the length has a big difference from each other, that is because it lack the basic quality control management. Besides, the appearance is square or round, long or short, it depends on the habit of human, it has no function on pet dog. As long as it fits the pet dog’s physical stage, keep a normal size, and easy to get food, be unlikely it can’t get the food because of it’s too small and too big.

In a word, it makes sense through observing the dog food particle’s shape and size unity to judge the quality of the dog food. Because it reflects the dog food pelletizing technological control ability of manufacturer, also reflecting the scale and management standardization. Normally, grab handful dog food, with a glance of the size of particle basic unity and shape is basic no difference is good. Too emphasis every particle is exactly alike and the same shapes is shifting the burden.

Errors 3 Smooth-faced dog food is good

Dog food is a meat-based, adding some other many kinds of raw materials combine together. It contains a lot of meat tissue fibers, with the required grinding is for the need of the manufacturing. Well many pet lovers think that the smoother of the particle face the better the dog food, it is incorrect. Firstly, pet dog doesn’t like too fine and smooth food, and most time the pet lovers like to put the dog food into water of steeping and feed it to the pet. If too much fine and smooth dog food in the function of starchy thing, it becomes sticky teeth, this is the biggest problems for the dog ingestion. Because for dog, it would rather eat some hard food than some soft thing can sticky teeth. Too much smooth dog food aslo influences the palatability.


Speaking of this many pet lovers would not understand it, let me give you a example, we eat a plate of lumpish tofu without problems, but take the same tofu wore it into fine powder to become tofu powder, I’m afraid we can’t eat them. As a result, dog food don’t need too much fine, rough surface is just the left trace of the meat fibrous matter. Strong sense of roughness means more meat content. A mass of plant starch filler and special food additives makes the smooth and fine surface of the dog food particles, this dog food is out of choice. In general high quality dog food particles have not perfect surface not too fine or too rough, on the contrary some small concavity is also normal.

Errors 4 Bad smell means bad dog food

A lot of people would like to smell first when they choose the dog food, this way is regular and necessary. It is the normal habit when people face the food. Well it is not right if let the favor of your nose replace your pet. We all know dog’s sense of smell is 1000 better than human, and they can separate the main smell from different kinds of smells, they are also more sensitive on the acidoid, so dog has a different favor on smells of dog food.

Human likes the good smells or some milk smell. Different form human, dog prefers the smells of meat and fishy even the amino acid metamorphism corrupt smell. Nowadays many dog food manufacture enterprise exactly knows about human’s favor, so they cater to their pleasure. They mixed many kinds of synthetic essence and fragrant milk smell or other smells, it is hardly imagine it is not the optimum to the dog’s allure. Instead it has a bad influence on the dog’s palatability, reducing the love of dog food from dog.

It is needful when we choose the dog food, because we can judge the freshness of the dog food from the smell. If it has the smell of fat oxidation rancidity which is the oil smell that we always talk about. It means the dog food is no longer fresh, we’d better don’t choose it. A good dog food has a normal meat smell or some fishy smell. The smell is natural but not strong.

Errors 5 Has different color means different quality dog food

As the pet food manufacture, they produce the dog food at different time and the color may be different from each other or has litter difference. It mainly because the dog food contains regular proportional meat and plant protein, they came from the pure meat, corn, soybean or some crops. In China as a rich grain crops processing country, plant area is wide, expand distribution. Different areas because of the different place and drying craft have different colors. Such as the color of corn in the northwest is deeper than the one in Heibei and Shandong. So the dog food has different colors, it is very normal. We can’t judge the quality depends on the colors difference. As a result, try to choose the dog food with nutrition balanced, marking clear, clear component content and high freshness. Only this can bring a good and healthy life the our pet.



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