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Various Applications of Charcoal

Charcoal is widely used in many fields including industry, agricultural, animal husbandry and our daily life, etc.

1.     Industry Field

Charcoal can be used to smelt high quality non-ferrous metal and cast iron.

Charcoal can be used as carburizer of machine parts to improve the hardness and abrasive resistance of steel parts.

Charcoal can be made into gunpowder together with potassium nitrate and sulphur.

Charcoal can be made into graphite as solid lubricant and graphite electrode. This is very important to those rotating components which cannot use lubricating oil.

It can be widely used after made into activated carbon, such as the purification of some chemicals, water and air. It can be also made into gas mask.

Machine-made charcoal made by corn stalk and straw contain more than 500mg/g iodine. It approximately equivalent to industry activated carbon and can be used in pollution abatement, which can greatly reduce the cost.




2.     Agricultural Field

Raise soil temperature

The black charcoal particles can absorb solar heat easier and raise the soil temperature and germination percentage.

Improve soil

The soil adding charcoal fines will become agricultural soil and avoid continuous farming obstacles. And charcoal can improve the growth, color and luster, smell of grains, beans and vegetables.

Keep soil moisture

When the charcoal moisture is above 50%, it can promptly absorb 20% moisture and improve air permeability and drainage of the soil.

Controlled release formulations of pesticides and fertilizers

Charcoal’s adsorption ability can balance the pesticides and organic fertilizers and keep for long time.

Charcoal can change soil PH value and increase the carbon dioxide content and the microorganism activity.




3.     Animal Husbandry Field

Charcoal has the ability to adsorb odor, so it can be used to fill up barn to improve the living circumstances and promote the growth of animals.

Charcoal can also enhance the digestion ability of livestock. If we add a small amount of charcoal powder into the feed, it can speed up the growth of poultry and improve the quality of meat and milk.

Charcoal end 90 grams, Fried salt 60 grams, liquorice 30 grams mixing with blunt water can treat livestock gastrointestinal card he. Feed with 3% of charcoal powder can cure the diarrhea caused by digestion or not clean drinking water of livestock and poultry.

A week before birth, in the ration of a feed 2% of charcoal powder every day can not only to the fetus skeletal growth later beneficial, but also can prevent postpartum occurred paralysis.



4.     In Our Daily Life

     There are countless small holes in the charcoal. These holes can adsorb various kinds of substances and release substances that have adsorption function, so it is used as dehumidizer. In the wet place, it can adsorb dampness; while in the dry place, it can release moisture and in this way it adjusts humidity excellently. Apart from this, charcoal can eliminate the odors and harmful substances.

      Charcoal’s porosity can not only save the moisture that required by plants’ roots, but also it can improve air permeability and drainage of the soil. It can provide good survival space for microorganisms which is good to the plants. Therefore, the potted flowers and trees can be added into 5%-10% charcoal pellets to provide better growing environment and improve the anti-pest’s ability.

      Nowadays, the decorating idea pays more attention to environmental-friendly, natural, health and hommization. Charcoal is the best choice to decorate new house.

      Charcoal can help to keep food fresh and it is used as deodorant in refrigerator.


      Above all, charcoal is becoming popular among various fields and it's function has been appoved by both the experts and residents.





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