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Operation Method of Fertilizer Production Line

Operation Method of Fertilizer Production Line


Compound fertilizer production line using the correct methods of operation, when operating compound fertilizer production line what matters need to pay attention to, I think these are concerns who buy the fertilizer production line.
1. Before starting up, first heat up for about four or five minutes.
Hand pulling the motor V-belt until the temperature rose to freely; according to the normal work, direction of turning continuous pulling eight to ten times.
And then continue to heat up about ten minutes, and then starting up, but need to continue heating, because the normal production need to continue to supplement the heat.
Adjust different temperatures according to the different nature of the plastic.
2. When shutdown, the host machine is completely cut off the power.
Nose plugs, (with a wrench part) must come off. Wait until the next time you use to independent preheat. (This operation may not be modeled using, or peril).
3. The materials entered should be uniform, and to add enough.
The machine eating speed and feeding speed should coordinate properly. Otherwise it will affect the quality and yield of the particles.

4. Granulating machine is working properly, the machine temperature should keep stable, not fluctuated.
Near the air vent to keep the nose parts temperature about 200 ℃ (referring to C material and B material).
Three proofings measures for organic & compound fertilizer production line


For organic fertilizer production line equipment, there are a lot of day-to-day protection work, these are strong guarantee to ensure that the performance of organic fertilizer equipment.
Therefore, the organic fertilizer equipment maintenance management is very important. We explain three points are common preventive precautions.
1. Anti-aging.
Rubber or plastic products due to the oxygen in the air and the sun's ultraviolet light, easy to aging deterioration, to make the elasticity of the rubber pieces deteriorate and easy to break off easily.
The custody of the rubber parts, preferably with hot paraffin oil applied to the surface of the rubber to be placed in the room on the shelf with paper to cover, maintain ventilation, dry and free from direct sunlight.
2. The anti-deformation.
Springs, driving belts, long cutter bar, tires and other parts due to long-term stress or improper placement of the plastic deformation, should be in the rack below appropriate support;
Tires under load; mechanical pressed or opened the springs must loosen; Dismounting the belts in the indoor safekeeping; some of the removed easily deformed parts such as long cutter bar need keep flat or vertical hang-up; other removed parts such as the tires, the grain tube to prevent compressional deformation .    
3. Anti lost.
Registration card should be established to implement long-term placement parking, documented in detail the technical state of the equipment, auxiliary attachment, spare parts, tools, etc.;
All kinds of machineries shall be safeguarded by specially-assigned person; strictly prohibit demolished parts for other purposes; if without storeroom, when the equipment place in the outdoor, should dismounting the motors, belts, which are easy to lose pieces and tagged and stored indoors.


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