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Water for dog


What kind of water is good for dog? Some people may thing about this question, specially for the dog who had the urinary system diseases. The dog drinking problem is a particular problem that need more attention. We usually drink the water including mineral water, purified water, cold water and tap water. What’s the advangage and disadvantage of these kinds of water for dogs? Let us analysis it which water is good for dog.

Mineral water: Being processed with mineral substance water. Taking mineral water can supply the body needed mineral. But long-term taking mineral water makes the body too much intake of certain minerals and is bad for health. And it is easy to form calculus, even worse to the dog which has the urinary system problem.




Purified water: The other way around the mineral water, the purified water after purification treatment. There is no impurity and nutrition in the water especially distilled water. Long-term taking it will reduce the function of the stomach and interstine flora. If you take some water has impurity, you will be apt to have the trots. So it had better don’t take more purity water.



Cold water: Being boiled tap water. The boiling has a function of sterilization and disinfectant chlorine in tap water can be boiled. But it will produce incrustation scale. If taking more the water with scale is also can form calculus.

Tap water: It has the chlorine with function of disinfection. And we can’t guarantee the water’s cleanliness through the process of home-entry from pipe network.

Every kind of water has problem, which is really good for dog?

We advice you tend to make the dog take cold water, but be careful don’t put the incrustation scale into his basin. He can also drink other water, but not the only water in long term. Actually my dog’s favorite water is tap water. He often drinks litter leaning the hand sink when I wash my hands. I think there’s no harm to drink it, as long as he won’t have loose bowels when he drinks it. But you can’t take him the minerals water if the dog has urinary system infection and calculus. Because long-term taking minerals water may aggravate his condition.

Everybody pays more attention on the dog’s food but always ignore the drinking problems. You may say he will drink himself when he running tired and after eat some food. Actually water takes a great influence to dog’s health. For example of my dog, he drinks water when he is wondering back. So I will get the water of 200ml with the temperature in 70-80 before we go out. When you walk the dog back the dog just drinks it. The temperature is not too high. Everybody may pay attention son two things: 1.How much water should the dog take? 2. Which kind of water is more healthy? Water is a material that the dog maintain the normal physical activity and the obbligato in metabolism.



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