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The Classification of Oil Mill

The oil press can be divided into four kinds, they are as follows: hydraulic mechanism oil press, screw system oil press, new hydraulic oil mill, and efficient fine filter oil mill machine.


Then I will offer some information about each type and hope everyone who read it can learn something from it and have a better understand on the classification of oil mill.


Firstly, hydraulic mechanism oil press


As we all know that hydraulic oil now already was basic screw press mechanism replaced oil. It belongs to static system oil, yield efficiency low, single can small, and equipment which cover an area of big, workshop need to heat preservation, poor conditions.

oil presssoybean cake

But hydraulic mechanism oil has simple structure, provincial power advantages, it can be applied to some fragmented oil (such as rice bran, wild oil) and need to keep special flavor and nutrition of oil (such as cacao, olive, sesame, etc.) of the grinding serous pressing oil. In addition, it still can be used for solid fat or wax branny press separation.


Secondly, the screw system oil press


Spiral oil mechanism oil spiral oil press is the application of kind of more pressing system oil equipment. It has the advantages of continuous large in capacity, and dynamic press time is short, high and low intensity of Labor.


The main part of spiral oil mill is pressing chamber, pressing chamber is the same squeeze cage and in pressing cage internal rotation of the screw shaft.


It's the job of the process is the use of screw shaft screw lead reduction or root circle diameter increases gradually, make the pressing chamber space volume shrinking and produce press action. Pre-pressed oil from pressing cage crack in the extrusion flow out, at the same time will residue pressure into debris shape cake slice, from pressing shaft end constantly discharge.


Press take oil to sum up can be divided into three phases, the feed (preloading) section, the main squeeze (oil) section, cake formation (weigh drain oil) section.

oil machineoil


Thirdly, a new type of hydraulic oil mill


Hydraulic oil mill appears on the market at present in the form of new hydraulic oil press, and it

has set up a file in the aspects of improving the disadvantages of the past the hydraulic oil press

like deficiency, single power is very little, covers an area of only a few square meters.


The new hydraulic oil press with computer controller connected has realized in the production of automation. The oil press continues to maintain the hydraulic oil press of simple structure, long service life of advantages, and the produce of oil fragrance thick in the general oil press. It can't afford to eat in the foam, and we also enthusiastically welcome the consumers’ visiting.


Fourth, efficient fine filter oil machine


The multistage propulsion progressive pressure principle, increases the pressing chamber pressure, the maximum extrusion, extract grease. In order to avoid extrusion oil back again in the dry bread of slag, the device pressing chamber inside the unique design of the guide oil tank, oil, bread rapid separation and increase yield efficiency.

oil rate


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