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Rose Hip Seed Oil



Daily efficacy: deeply nourish skin, provide nutrients and prevent skin aging and dry; Increase the skin organization vigor, avoid relaxation, keep skin full of elasticity, shrink rough pores.

It can make the desiccation skin restore its natural luster, eliminate and reduce all kinds of skin wrinkles formed, such as pouch lines, crow's feet, neck lines. It can also protect skin from ultraviolet damage and whiten the skin.

Special treatment: improve and eliminate the old and new scar after trauma, such as whelk and acne left concave and convex hole, sunburn, and burn scar, the scar left after surgery. Eliminate in the skin of black and red phenomenon.


To prevent and eliminate the pregnancy lines and prevent pigment precipitation, fade spots. Remove spots, freckles, senile plaque, and chloasma, eye care can eliminate black rim of the eye, the eye fat grain, meat tooth, verruca plana.

Rose fruit oil composition:

It contains Y - linoleic, unsaturated fatty acid, hexadecanoic acid, citric acid, vitamin A, C and carotenoids.

Suitable for: the most important composition is r - linoleic, this kind of essential fatty acid is very helpful for reproductive system. Eating it can anti-aging, and it also has effect on arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

For skin, it has curative effect soft skin, whitening, and blank, on pregnancy lines. With the function of tissue regeneration function, it can effectively improve the scar, acne and whelk.

Keep skin moisture efficacy of excellence, it also can prevent insolation after pigment precipitates, sunburn are effective, add 10% of the volume is enough, if very dry skin can be used one hundred percent.

Rose fruit oil trait:

It is dark yellow or hazel, with light bitter. Extracted wild rose fruit whose quality is best from Argentina and Chile trans-border palmer tower Virginia elder mountain.

Press rose fruit can get rose seed oil. South America the mountains above three thousand meters, indigenous plant pollution-free rose and the locals called Rosa Mosqueta.

It is the most important composition containing gamma-linolenic acid oil, this kind of essential fatty acid and the reproductive system is very helpful.

In food, it anti-aging function also gradually discovered, so it is effective to multiple sclerosis, arthritis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


Gourmet rose fruit oil to repair is famous for its beautiful white effect, and it helps to improve pigmentation, bright color of skin. And give the damaged, aging skin new vitality.

Soft, smooth, moisturize skin, and actively improve the drying, fade early young wrinkles, it also make skin increasingly rich full and elastic.

At the same time are excellent raise hair high-quality goods, have natural protection and the effect of embellish hair bright hair.

Instructions for use: massage can be used alone (direct daub skin); Harmonic unilateral essential oil use effect is much better.

Application: apply a variety of skin, especially suitable for aging, dark yellow, damaged and splashes skin. Applicable to all type of skin, improve the scar, eczema or dry hair.

Note: the skin if you are unwell, please stop using or below the guidance of professional personage to use.

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