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Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment
Organic Fertilizer Production Line Equipment
Organicfertilizer production line makes use of fresh chicken manure, pig manure as a raw materials, which do not contains any chemical composition.
Chickens and pigs with bad digestion, only 25% of consumed nutrients, while 75% of the nutrients of food with fecal discharge, so the dry finished products containing nitrogenous, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acids, proteins, and other ingredients.
Generally, organic fertilizer production line includes such equipment: fermentation upender, crusher, mixing machine,
granulator, drum screening machine, dryer, packaging machine.
Organic fertilizer granulator includes: roller granulator, disk granulator, ball shape granulator, etc.
Crusher machine: hammer mill, cage type crusher, chain crusher, etc.
Mixer:  disk mixer, edge runner mixer, etc.
Organic fertilizers equipment characteristics:
(1) The particles manufactured by new type organic fertilizer granulator are spherical.
(2) The organic matter content of output organic fertilizer can be as high as 100%, to realize pure organic matter granulation.
(3) Output particles of organic matter in some force, co-inlay grew up, and
do not need to add a binder when granulating.
(4) Output particles are solid, then screening, drying to reduce energy consumption.
(5) Output organic matter without drying, the raw material containing moisture in 20%.
(1)   To peat, lignite, organic fertilizer sludge, straw as raw materials and bio-organic fertilizer granulation.
(2)   To chicken manure and other organic fertilizer as the main raw materials of organic fertilizer granulation.
(3)   With soybean meal as the main raw material cake system.
(4)   To corn, beans, meal and other raw materials for the full price of feed, mixed feed pelleting.
(5)   To crop straw as raw material, bio-feed straw pellet granulation.
Organic Fertilizer Production Flow
Simple Process
Ferment----Upender----Mixing Machine----Conveyor----Drum Feeder Machine ---Fertilizer Making Machine(main machine)---Conveyor----Dryer ---Conveyor ----Screening Machine---Conveyor---Packing Machine
Detailed Process:
1. Raw materials ferment: Time of ferment is 12-15 days, the best moisture content is 35-40%.
2. For big capacity production line, you need upender to turn the ferment materials.
For small capacity production line, during the process of ferment, you can manual work to reversed the
mixed materials, no need upender. For big capacity line, need the upender.
3. Mixing Machine:  Mix organic mixed materials。
4. The mixture after mixing will be transferred to drum feeder machine by belt conveyor.
5. With feeder machine, feeding mixture to fertilizer making machine and then produce fertilizers.
6. Then fashioned granules will be transferred to dryer by conveyor.
There are two type dryer: with electric motor and with diesel engine.
7. Pellets after drying will be transferred to screening machine by belt conveyor.
Large particles will flow into the lower container via drum and then recycle.
Qualified pellets will be packaged with packing machine.
8. Qualified pellets will be packaged with packing machine.
According to your needs, can make quantitative package.
There is a small auto belt conveyor, easy and convenient operation.
Simple Schematic Diagram as follows:


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