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Food For Dog

Why do dogs eat dog food? This is mainly for those who still remain at the table eating the dog, Pet dog has its own nutritional needs and food safety habits, however, many pet lovers are still in a backward state of feeding dogs table leftovers, even if it is forward thinking there to buy some chicken liver, duck liver, and then preparation of some of the leftovers, leftovers and other feeding. Which, in addition to the real economic factors, there are a lot of the lack of pet food safety, pet nutrition concepts result.

For this reason, the dog around us to be subjected to constant threats to health, people always try to be smart, think their favorite is the favorite pet, your favorite pet favorite. In fact, completely not the case, the human is a superior omnivore, while the dog was originally a pure carnivore, into a meat-based omnivore after ten thousand years of human domestication, the dog's intestinal tract than short, only the body of three to four times, difficult to digest carbohydrates, and easier to absorb the nutrients in meat.

Pet dogs are extremely sensitive sense of smell, taste buds are essentially human sixth, taste is generally underdeveloped, we humans like to eat slowly and savor, while the dog is always with jaw quick to tear up food, and then swallowed whole , there is no "taste" like humans. These are the big difference and we humans.

Dog food specifically for dogs to provide nutritious food, high-grade animal food from human food and livestock feed. Its main function is to provide the most basic of life for animals dogs to ensure the growth and development and health of the necessary nutrients. Comprehensive nutrition, digestion and absorption rate, formulation science, quality standards, feeding convenient and can prevent certain diseases, etc..

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